Coaching Session with Heather Webster: Marketing Her Membership

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Ever wonder what it would be like to work with a business coach? Listen in on a recent coaching session where I guided Heather Webster, a nature-based wellness coach, through brainstorming new ways of promoting her membership. 


We discussed the format that would work best for her, the marketing channels she’d like to use and I helped her start planning her next steps. 


If you’d ready to take the next step to grow your business, I invite you to join my LAUNCH WITH EASE program for new entrepreneurs. Submit an application or book a free consultation call if you have any questions.

What you'll learn from this episode:
  • Listen in on a real 1:1 coaching session and see what it would be like to work with a coach
  • I guide Heather through brainstorming new ways of marketing her membership
Featured on the show: