Getting Started with Email Marketing
getting started with email marketing

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Are you thinking about starting an email list to help you market your online business? Well, then this is the episode for you! 


I cover all the things you should consider when you’re planning out your email marketing strategy, including how to get people on your list, what you should send them, how often to send and a few ways to know if your email efforts are working! 

What you'll learn from this episode:
  • Why it’s important to plan out your email marketing from the very beginning

  • The most important things to consider when you’re just getting started with email


  • A few ways to know if your email efforts are working and things you could optimize
Featured on the show:
  • Learn more about my LAUNCH WITH EASE program for new entrepreneurs, designed to help you get the clarity and confidence you need to launch a successful business.

  • Are you further along in your business and want my help with your email? Check out my REINVENT & GROW coaching program for established business owners.