Why It's Important to Understand Your Customer Journey
Understand Your Customer Journey

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In the early stages of your business, you’re probably not thinking too much about your customer journey. But you should be. Because understanding how your customer is finding you and what path you’re taking them once they do is a smart way to make your content work for you and get you better results. 


I share how focusing on your content in a thoughtful way will help your potential clients turn into customers faster and with less effort from you.

What you'll learn from this episode:
  • Why it’s so important to understand your customer journey and how knowing this information will help you get more clients


  • How to start mapping out your customer journey


  • A few examples of ways to nurture your potential clients so they become customers with less effort on your part
Featured on the show:
  • LAUNCH WITH EASE, my 3 month, 1:1 coaching program for new entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their business