How to Focus on the Right Things in Your Business with Risa Haasbroek
business coach for solopreneurs

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Learning the skill of how to say no to the things that aren’t serving you well in your business is so important as a new business owner. You have limited time and you need to be able to discern what’s important to focus on that will actually move the needle in your business. 


In this episode, I sat down with life coach to solopreneurs, Risa Haasbroek, and she shared three questions she has her clients ask themselves to make sure they’re working on the right things. She also shared a few tips on how to build resilience as a business owner.

What you'll learn from this episode:
  • Why it’s important to slow down and get intentional with what you’re working on in your business

  • 3 questions to ask yourself to see if what you’re doing will actually move the needle

  • Several ways to build resilience as a new business owner
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