4 Steps to Marketing Your Service Business
steps to market a service business

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A lot of people ask me: How should I market my business?

What should I do? 

You know what? There is no ONE perfect channel or strategy, there’s no secret that successful business owners know that you don’t. They just picked a channel and stayed consistent.
Every single marketing tactic takes work—whether it’s social media, networking, blogging or podcasting.


In this episode, I share four steps you can take to successfully market your business. Because it’s not really about the channel you choose, it’s how you use it and the strategy that you create around it that really matters. 

What you'll learn from this episode:
  • The four steps you should take to market your service business


  • The difference between a marketing channel and a marketing strategy


  • What you need to pay attention to when you build your business to attract more clients
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