Hey there, new entrepreneur!

Starting a new business is no walk in the park. You have this great idea, but you’re not yet clear on your overall vision or strategy and trying to think it all through in your head with no support is like talking to a wall.


And every time you try and move forward to get more clarity, there’s a loud voice in your head that says: “Who do you think you are?”  “What makes you think you could actually do this and be successful?”


So you end up feeling stuck, procrastinating, doubting yourself and your abilities. You have this dream of starting a business to give you more freedom and flexibility to live the life you want. But you’re scared to put yourself out there confidently and in a way that inspires others to want to work with you. And not knowing what you want to create makes it even harder to communicate well. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, and sometimes you just want to give up and take the easy route.

Hi, I’m Agatha, and I help new entrepreneurs get the clarity and confidence to launch and grow their businesses with ease.

You’ve probably watched a couple free webinars by now, read some blog posts, or listened to some podcasts, maybe even tried a course or two…But these things don’t work unless you’ve already built a strong foundation and know what kind of business you want to build.


If some fancy business coach is telling you to just “build a funnel” or set up an email nurture, and you barely even know what the heck that means, good luck in trying to figure it out on your own! Not to mention the fact that you need content to support all these things and if you’re just starting out, you haven’t created all of that yet. You may not even know who you really serve yet, or what problem you solve.


Or maybe you have great ideas but your mindset keeps getting in the way. You’re not used to marketing yourself and so you hide behind creating content or tinkering on your website instead of actually going OUT THERE and talking to potential clients (eek!), which you know would bring you REAL RESULTS.

What you really need is...

Clarity around your strategy and the confidence to actually bring your ideas to life. My approach helps you build a solid strategic foundation and release the mindset blocks that are holding you back from reaching your business goals.

I was once exactly where you are now.

I had already spent fifteen years in corporate marketing, working hard to grow my professional career. But I always had this thought that maybe one day, I’d start my own business. I never made a real attempt, because I didn’t think I could go after this dream and actually be successful. I had this belief that I could only have one or the other – I couldn’t have a full-time job AND be an entrepreneur. Well after fifteen years in the same field, I wanted to do something that would make a bigger impact on the world and serve others in a bigger way, but I just didn’t know how.


I had also been dealing with a chronic illness for over ten years at that point. I had almost given up hope in finding a real diagnosis until I found a program based in neuroplasticity – a belief that the brain can change its structure and be rewired. As I learned more, I realized that what I was telling myself in my head was actually creating my reality and perpetuating the disease in my body. I worked diligently to rewire my brain, and when I started to see real results, I finally went after my dream of starting a business. I decided I would train to be a life coach so I could use my knowledge about changing old thought patterns to help people transform their life.


I went through all the common issues new entrepreneurs face – self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of judgement from others, trying to figure out how to market yourself, working on all the wrong things and I realized that a lot of the advice I found out there wasn’t really tailored to me or the stage of business I was in. I was struggling, and needed help!


I started working with coaches to help me rebuild the foundations of my business, get clearer on my niche and redo my messaging, while also releasing the mindset crap that was getting in my way. They helped me challenge my own beliefs like my fear of failure and asked me powerful questions to help me get clarity on the steps I needed to take to move forward on my goals. I finally put a stake in the ground and decided to test a new niche, even when I wasn’t really sure I’d even like working with this group of people. This helped me narrow down my focus and my marketing efforts and made it easier for potential clients to understand me since I wasn’t trying to talk to everyone anymore.


Then things finally started to click…


Here’s why I know I can help you:

Not only am I an entrepreneur myself, I’m also a fully certified coach and have over fifteen years of experience in digital marketing, managing large programs for global companies.



So, not only have I been there myself, I also know how to guide you to make YOUR OWN business decisions that work for YOU, and I know what works in the real world, too.


Whole Person Coach
Fast forward to today:

Not only have I (almost!) cured myself of over ten years of chronic illness by using the power of thought alone…. I’m supporting amazing clients in my private coaching practice, who I’m inspired by every day.


While I may still have the occasional negative thought around my business or get nervous when I do something new, I have tools and techniques to work through these things and I know that learning how to be comfortable being uncomfortable is a skill I’ll need to continue to master as a business owner.


I love working with service-based businesses because most of us have a bigger dream to serve others or give back to the world in a bigger way. And I know that if I can use my coaching skills to support people in creating businesses that impact the world, I’ll not only be helping people chase their dreams, but also helping the planet heal in the process. I’ve also partnered with One Tree Planted (a nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation) to plant one tree for every coaching program I sell. 


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CREDENTIALS – I graduated from Rutgers University with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Psychology. I obtained a Whole Person Certified Coach® designation from the Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I also hold an ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

INTERESTS – I love food, and can often be found planning potluck dinners and trying new recipes. But don’t ask me to use a measuring cup! I prefer the “eyeball it” technique. 

FUN FACTS – I’m a twin, was born in Kuwait and am Polish-American!