This is a great way to really focus in on one issue in your business. Maybe it’s figuring out what’s the best marketing strategy for you, brainstorming something new you want to try, or maybe you keep hitting a wall because of a mindset issue* you’re having like imposter syndrome, fear of rejection or fear of being visible. Or perhaps you want to clarify your vision for your business in the next few months.


Whatever it is, come to the one-hour call with just one topic you’d like to focus on, and we’ll dive deep so you can get the clarity you need to move forward in your business!


This is great for:


  • New entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of building their business looking to find some clarity
  • Coming up with the initial vision for your business and goals you want to work on over the next few months
  • Marketing brainstorms (strategy or new tactics you want to try)
  • Tackling a mindset issue that is stopping you from moving forward in your business ** (See note below.)


NOTE: **Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I stay mostly in the present/future and help you identify limiting beliefs you may need to work on in your business so you can move forward. If you’ve had the same mindset issue for a while now despite working on it diligently, it may be best to talk to a counselor instead.