Let’s get you the clarity you need to move forward in your business.

Business coaching that combines strategy, mindset work and accountability, so you get clear, confident and are supported in the ways you need to grow and succeed.

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your marketing strategy or want more clarity in your business?

Maybe it’s figuring out what’s the best marketing strategy for you, brainstorming something new you want to try, or maybe you keep hitting a wall because of a mindset issue* you’re having like imposter syndrome, fear of rejection or fear of being visible. Or perhaps you want to clarify your vision for your business in the next few months.


Whatever it is, come to the one-hour call with just one topic you’d like to focus on, and we’ll dive deep so you can get the clarity you need to move forward in your business!


This is great for:

  • New entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of building their business looking to get clarity around their marketing or strategy
  • Coming up with the initial vision for your business and goals you want to work on over the next few months
  • More seasoned business owners looking to make a pivot 
  • Marketing brainstorms (strategy or new tactics you want to try)
  • Tackling a mindset issue that is stopping you from moving forward in your business ** (See note below

NOTE: **Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. I stay mostly in the present/future and help you identify limiting beliefs you may need to work on in your business so you can move forward. If you’ve had the same mindset issue for a while now despite working on it diligently, it may be best to talk to a counselor instead.

Are you ready to go all-in and get the support you need to launch your business?

Maybe you feel frustrated because you’ve set aside time to work on your business but you’re not clear on what to do to market yourself, so you end up just staring at your computer or procrastinating instead of making any real progress. Or you’ve taken a few steps to market yourself but it feels forced so you’re never consistent enough to get any significant results.


Then it’s time for you to book my Find Your Marketing Superpower Session and understand why marketing feels so hard for you. You’ll learn exactly why you stop yourself from marketing your business and also why you don’t feel aligned with anything you try…all in under an hour.

How it works:

Take a brief personality assessment and then hop on a 45-minute video chat with me where I’ll debrief you on your results.

At the end of the session, you'll have:
  • A clear understanding of your unique marketing superpower, based on your personality and strengths
  • 2-3 custom strategies hand-picked just for you
  • An understanding of which strategy you feel most aligned with so you can finally start attracting clients
The result? You’ll have a super aligned strategy that will help you confidently market your business.

My signature 1:1 coaching program for new business owners looking to launch and grow their business. We work together to help you get clear on what you want to build, I guide you in creating your own custom marketing plan and I help you break down any mindset issues standing in your way. 


A 3-month, 1:1 coaching program for established business owners looking to make a pivot or grow their business. Bi-weekly coaching calls with personalized support to help you reinvent your business to work better for your life.

Have more questions?

Come join me on a free 30-minute call to get your questions answered so you can start moving forward in your business!

"My biggest struggle with my business was that I couldn't take action. While I had a general idea of where I wanted to go, it wasn't until LAUNCH WITH EASE that I fully understood how much my own mindset was preventing me from moving forward. I had a lot of doubt and fear, and Agatha helped me identify limiting beliefs and cut through the BS I was telling myself. I left the coaching calls feeling supported and with practical next steps that were aligned with my personality and the kind of business I want to have. Thank you, Agatha, for sharing your expertise and making me take action!"
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"Agatha has been an amazing business coach. As a new(ish) entrepreneur, having her help me focus my goals and the direction I want my business to take have been invaluable. She offers me unconditional support while challenging when I need it. Working with her has brought my business to a new level."
"Agatha has been my coach now for over a year and I look forward to our sessions every time. When I’m all over the place with my thoughts she stays calm and guides me to find clarity and focus. She sprinkles in her business knowledge perfectly and gives me the space to find my own path and what works best for me. Her level-headed approach and emphasising nature are a great combination that helps me discover new insights on a personal and business level."
Business coach testimonial
"You are such an amazing coach. I have started to implement some of the pieces we talked about and have seen growth in my audience. Thank you for your support."