Extroverted Artist

You're an Extroverted Artist

You’re a great artist and have a unique way of expressing yourself.


You lucky lady! What many people shy away from, you embrace. You’re no stranger to the spotlight, and being on stage or in a crowd feels like second nature to you.


Your superpower is that you are really great at expressing yourself through art or graphic design.


Your big challenge? Because you get energy from being with other people, when they’re not available, you feel more alone. And there’s a bigger pressure to perform when you’re an extrovert.


As for your marketing, it’s not about trying every single strategy (thank goodness!), it’s about finding what feels most aligned to your personality and strengths, and doing more of that.

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to help you grow your business:

1. Use your artistic abilities to your advantage. Maybe you’re a great painter or you can draw really well. See how you can apply that design knowledge to your business by creating cool graphics you can use on social media that stand out from everyone else. Create carousel posts in Canva to share on social. If you have really great graphics and share good content, people will want to share it more. Put extra thought in creating a cohesive brand look, as this could be something you get known for.


Mindset tip: You might worry that your artwork isn’t good enough to share, or maybe that it doesn’t make sense to include it in your business. Know that what you do is unique and including this passion in your business makes you different from everyone else, and people will be drawn to that (pun intended).


2. Create a really great freebie. Create a really beautiful freebie you can share to build your email list––this could be a PDF guide, an interactive quiz (like this one), or a video series with you in the main role to build that “know, like, and trust” factor.


Mindset tip: Maybe you’re great at creating art, but tech isn’t really your thing. That’s okay, there are a lot of great tools out there to help make the process easier–check out Canva for easy graphic design, Interact for quizzes and Upshot for video editing.


3. Think about how you can use your art in your business. Is it possible for you to get creative with how you use your art within your business? Maybe you’re a healer and you can help people use art to get in touch with themselves more. Or perhaps you add your art to a group event you’re hosting in the form of an interesting mural or live art experience. Be creative and think outside the box!


Mindset tip: You may hesitate to share your art with others, but remember, what you’re doing is different. The right people will be drawn to this unique experience and it creates a bit of surprise and delight for those not expecting it.

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