Extroverted Connector

You're an Extroverted Connector

You’re great at connecting people and building relationships.


You lucky lady! What many people shy away from, you embrace. You’re no stranger to the spotlight, and being on stage or in a crowd feels like second nature to you.


Your superpower is that you are really great at creating connections on a one-to-many level. You’re what’s known as a “hub,” you know a lot of people and are great at connecting others.


Your big challenge? Because you get energy from being with other people, when they’re not available, you feel more alone. And there’s a bigger pressure to perform when you’re an extrovert.


As for your marketing, it’s not about trying every single strategy (thank goodness!), it’s about finding what feels most aligned to your personality and strengths, and doing more of that.

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to help you grow your business:

1. Figure out a way to host an event or group. You’re a natural connector, so can you create a group that you invite others to? Maybe it’s an in-person or virtual event that you invite your connections to speak at. Since you’re the host, you’ll immediately be seen as an expert. Just make sure you get some help with organizing it, so you’re not doing all the work alone!


Mindset tip: If you’ve never hosted a group before, it can be a bit daunting or overwhelming. Let go of feeling like everything has to be perfect. The more you go with the flow, the easier it will be. And try to get some help so you don’ t have to do it alone.


2. Create an online group. Similar to the point above, you can create an online group that meets regularly that’s filled with potential clients and existing customers. Go live or upload videos of you talking about relevant topics. Or do a weekly call with your audience so they can ask you questions.


Mindset tip: If you’ve never hosted an online group, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. To make it easier, start small and work your way up to larger audiences. And pick topics you really know well so that you feel confident. And try to take the focus off of you–the more you make it your mission to serve others and teach them something you know, the less you’ll be worried about the way you come across.


3. Think about creating a referral strategy. See if there are business owners serving the same audience as you, but not in exactly the same field. Could you help their clients and vice versa? If so, see if they’d be open to refer people to your services. You could even offer them a small referral fee. Better yet, use your powers of connection to create on online network (even a simple Google doc) you can share with other business owners so they can easily find other service providers to refer people to. You already know a bunch of people, so tap into your network and help others find business, they will most likely return the favor.


Mindset tip: Reaching out can be a bit scary at first, but know that the people you reach out to will be grateful that you’ve taken the initiative. Other business owners will see it as a win/win since they’re also getting referrals from you.

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