In this self-paced course, you’ll learn:


  • What limiting beliefs are and how you can start to identify them
  • How to work with the most common limiting beliefs: the fear of failure; the fear of being judged by othersfeeling not good enough; imposter syndrome
  • How to examine and unpack your beliefs (the ones specific to you)
  • How to give yourself the things you need while you learn and grow
  • The secret key to changing your beliefs once and for all

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Hi, I’m Agatha. I am passionate about helping women make positive changes in their lives. I know the power of working with a coach as I’ve worked with several of them. They have helped me challenge my own beliefs, shown me what I’m capable of, and asked me powerful questions to help me get clarity on the steps I needed to take to move forward on my goals. I want to offer this support to other women to help them break free from their limiting stories and transform their lives from the inside out. I’ve also worked through my own limiting beliefs around my health, my work and my relationship and since doing this, I feel freer and more inspired to create a life I love.

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Learn what limiting beliefs are and how you can start to identify them. I go over how they initially form and why they keep coming up. I explain the term “reference points” or evidence for your beliefs and how you need to start finding new evidence to support your new beliefs.

Learn how you can start to work with your limiting beliefs. How to become aware of your inner dialogue and start questioning your beliefs, one by one.

I cover the most common limiting beliefs including the fear of failure, feeling not good enough and the fear of judgement from others.  I explain each belief, how it usually appears in people’s lives and tips on how to get started changing these beliefs. There’s also a special lesson on dealing with imposter syndrome.

In this final module, you’ll get started unpacking your own limiting beliefs. You’ll do a powerful exercise that helps you reframe your beliefs and see what behaviors you may need to change in order to support your new beliefs.

NOTE: When you click the button below, you’ll see your 100% discount applied already (normally $37). You’ll just need to enter in your contact info to get access.  


Once you sign up, you’ll get immediate access to all of the material, so no waiting on dripped content.  It should take less than a week to go through all of the modules and do the exercises. Of course, you have as long as you need.

I was trained in Whole Person Coaching by the Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I am a Whole Person Certified Coach ® and have 125+ hours of hands-on coach training.


I also hold a holistic health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, so I understand how nutrition and lifestyle choices impact overall health and well-being.


In these uncertain times and with so many people making changes this year, your course definitely brings a powerful message that needs to be heard. On top of the great content, what I like about this course is your authenticity and energy. Right away you seem trustworthy and likable. That's something I have grown to appreciate. Thank you, Agatha, for sharing your message. I am looking forward to more courses from you in the future!
I love working with Agatha as my coach. She is methodical yet flexible, gives me empathy yet realness, lets me find my own solutions while giving me little nuggets of wisdom when I most need them. If you are looking to implement a major shift in your life - be it in the work arena, in your relationship status, or about creating good habits that let you grow, she will be a tremendous asset on your journey there.
Agatha's coaching has led to many powerful transformations in my life. Over the past six months, Agatha has coached me on several really important health and life goals and the results have been profound. Agatha helped me get so clear on what is most important and true for me and kept me moving forward to create what I want in my life. Agatha helps me see my own strengths and encourages me to challenge myself to keep growing. These nudges have accelerated and expanded my success. Agatha has helped me break through obstacles and develop incredibly effective strategies for achieving what I want. I feel supported, encouraged and best of all, confident! Thank you, Agatha, for the many ways your coaching has impacted my life.