1:1 coaching to help you get the clarity and confidence to launch your business. Get crystal clear on your vision, create your overall strategy, and start executing your plan so you can grow your business.

Hey there, aspiring entrepreneur!

I heard you have this dream of starting a business. One that gives you the time and location freedom you’ve always desired and one that helps you makes a bigger impact on the world. So you can start spending time on what truly matters to you. But right now, you’re feeling a little…lost and overwhelmed?


You’ve got this great idea, but you don’t know what steps to take next. Maybe you’ve made some small steps forward, but things aren’t falling into place like you’d hoped they would. 


You want to make this business work, and you’re done with feeling stressed out and like you’re spinning your wheels, getting absolutely nowhere.

What you’ve already tried and why it didn’t work…

It’s not easy to build a business when you have very little experience being an entrepreneur—you have lots of ideas in your head but you’re not sure what steps to take to bring them into reality. 


When you do have an idea you want to try, you may start off strong but then you second-guess yourself, you redo your work and don’t feel good about it so you don’t share it with the world. You feel scattered when it comes to your strategy—maybe you try something here, and a little something there, but it doesn’t feel intentional or well thought out. And trying to muster the confidence to fully go after your dream isn’t easy either. 


You’ve probably watched the free webinars, listened to podcasts, maybe signed up for a paid course or two. Or you’ve tried asking other people to see if they have the answers you’re looking for—your friends, your partner,  business peers, maybe even a coach—but the problem with asking other people to give you advice is that they can only tell you what worked for THEM. You aren’t them! 


So even if you try their strategies, they may not feel like a perfect fit because they’re not aligned with YOUR values and YOUR business.

What you actually need…

When you’re just getting started in your business, you need clarity, confidence and accountability to reach your goals. You need someone to help you organize your ideas into a clear vision, help you come up with a customized plan based on your business and your values, and then be there to help you break down any obstacles that come up along the way. 


That’s why I created LAUNCH WITH EASE, my signature coaching program, designed to help you launch your business without feeling overwhelmed. The program is built on three pillars—clarity, confidence and action. First, I help you get clarity around what you’re trying to create in your business and your overall strategy, then we work on your confidence and break down any mindset blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward, and finally, you take daily action to reach your goals.

Hello, I’m Agatha Brewer.

I work with new entrepreneurs who are looking to launch and grow businesses that are built with their values in mind, from the very beginning. 


I combine over 15 years of corporate marketing experience with my coach training (Whole Person Certified Coach®, ICF ACC) to help my clients build intentional businesses that take their personality and strengths into consideration so they get better results in less time.

What if…

  • You knew exactly what you were creating in your business, and had a clear plan of action for reaching your goals?
  • Marketing felt easy for you because you were intentional about what strategies you chose and you did the work up front to figure out your messaging?
  • You consistently took action in your business from a place of confidence? And you had support to make the big decisions in your business?
  • You were supported by someone who’s been there before and knows exactly what you’re feeling?

What would that mean for your business, and your life as a whole?

Introducing… LAUNCH WITH EASE.

A 3-month 1:1 coaching program designed to help you:


  • Get crystal clear on what you want to create in your business so you can start moving forward
  • Create a real plan of action (marketing strategy) so you can spend your limited time efficiently
  • Identify and release any mindset blocks that may be standing in your way and stopping you from achieving your goals


Get crystal clear on what you want to create in your business and build a real plan of action to move forward on your vision.


Identify and release any mindset blocks that may be stopping you from achieving your goals.


Learn how to take consistent action in your business and keep moving forward so you reach your goals.

In our 12 weeks of one-on-one work, you’ll get:


  • A detailed “getting to know you” form to fill out before we begin 
  • A 90-minute 1:1 session to help you get started creating your overall vision for your business and determine your goals for the next few months
  • 5, hour-long 1:1 sessions with me (that’s one every two weeks) to dive deep into your mindset blocks and work on your overall strategy so you can take the next steps you need to grow your business
  • Email support in between sessions (as needed) 
  • LAUNCH WITH EASE, my self-paced course for new entrepreneurs that covers both strategy & how to work with common mindset blocks, filled with all the templates you need to get going 

Total time commitment: 3 hours per week 


Your investment is: $1,300


 Bonus! If you pay in full, you’ll also get:

  • Marketing Channel Selector – pros and cons of different marketing channels, and suggestions based on your personality type
  • Connect with Your Heart – a guided meditation to help you feel grounded as you build your business
  • Solopreneur Success Kit – my guide to learn the seven steps to building a strong business foundation so you can stop wasting time on things that don’t make an impact and start growing your business!

What others say about my coaching:

What’s in the LAUNCH WITH EASE course?

I guide you through creating an overall vision and strategy for your business. You’ll develop your business vision, and then I walk you through creating a marketing plan, step-by-step. You’ll get access to two templates you’ll fill in for your business with guidance on picking marketing strategies that align to your personality and strengths. You’ll learn how to communicate what you do to your ideal clients and I also share a few best practices on creating content that converts, no matter what strategy you choose!

Most new business owners can put together a decent strategy with some guidance. But their mindset is what stops them from actually reaching their goals. In this module, I cover the most common mindset blocks for new entrepreneurs, and what you can do to move through them. Things like the fear of failure, imposter syndrome, and dealing with perfectionism. You’ll also get access to a special recording on moving through fear as a new business owner, since there will be lots of times you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. 

Ok, you’ve built your marketing strategy and have started working on your mindset. Now it’s time to start executing your plan. In this module, I teach you how to break your big goals into smaller pieces and start creating daily rituals to help you achieve your goals faster. I also help you figure out which tasks are revenue-generating vs. busy work, so you can focus on the things that will actually bring you results.

I explain the concept of Being in Action, or the fastest way to get clarity in your business! I cover topics like being visible, building routines and making better decisions. All things you’ll need to start doing to step into your new role as an entrepreneur and CEO. And part of being in action is taking the steps necessary to make sales and sign new clients. I share a few sales tips and help you come up with your own personalized questions so your calls with potential clients feel natural and authentic.

As you build your business, it’s important to know how to create balance in your life, so you don’t burn out. I share some ways to create boundaries and balance in your life and business, from the very beginning. So your business is sustainable and rewarding, instead of draining.

Yes, I’m ready to grow my business!

This is for you if:

  • You have already started your business and want it to grow. Or you have a solid business idea and it’s a NOW goal, not something you want to do in the future.
  • You’re building a service-based business. The concepts I teach work best for this type of business (Think: solopreneurs, online businesses, coaches, creatives, consultants, social entrepreneurs, etc.)
  • You’re ready, willing and able to carve out 3 hours/week for YOUR dream. You are driven and motivated to make it happen now.
  • You’re comfortable with the basic technology required: Zoom & Google docs, following an online program (I don’t offer tech support).
  • You’re interested in personal development and are ready to go deep––you realize that this isn’t just starting a business, you’re also creating a new identity for yourself as an entrepreneur and that takes REAL WORK.
  • You realize that this program is not a magic pill, you will still have to put in the work outside of it and apply the concepts to make your business grow over time. 

This is not for you if:

  • You can’t commit to 3 hours of working on yourself and your business per week.
  • You’re in a busy season of your life, being pulled in ten different directions, and it’s impossible to focus on anything. Your plate is already too full.
  • You’re just looking for someone to hand over a finished marketing or business plan or tell you the exact steps to take to grow your business. That’s not my style––I want YOU to create your own plan so that it’s aligned to your strengths and what YOU want to be working on from the very beginning, so you feel a real sense of ownership and get better results.
  • You’ve already moved past the basics in your business and have been in business for more than three years. If this is you, please check out my REINVENT & GROW program to see if it’s a fit for you. 

Week by week: what this program is like in REAL life

Week 1: 

  • Our work together starts with you answering a few pre-session questions in the “getting to know you” form. In our first session, we’ll dive into what you’re trying to create in your business in the next 3 months and start getting you clarity on your goals so you know exactly what to focus on.
  • Get started creating your business vision – what you want to create in your business and what are the high-level steps you need to get there.
  • Identify any obstacles that may be coming up for you so you know what to work on in our sessions and in your own time. 


Week 2:

  • Spend time finishing your overall business vision and get started with the other modules including marketing and business planning – there’s full video instructions in the online program with detailed templates. You’ll work on creating a marketing plan for your business and I’ll give you guidance on the best marketing strategies for you (based on your personality and strengths). 


Week 3:

  • In our 1:1 call, we’ll go over anything that’s coming up for you as you work through the modules. Maybe you want to get more clarity on your strategy or perhaps it’s a mindset issue you want to work through. It’s your choice, just come with one topic you want to cover so we stay focused.
  • Spend time going through the mindset module to work through any mindset blocks that may be coming up for you as you work on your business. Take some time to journal using my provided questions if you need to dig deeper. Or save the topic for one of our 1:1 calls.


Weeks 4-6:

  • Keep working through the modules, getting more clarity on what you’re creating, and start putting yourself out there, practicing your entrepreneur skills. Come to me in our 1:1 session like before, with whatever you’re struggling with or want more clarity on. By this point, you should be actively promoting your business and be starting to get more clarity on your messaging and marketing strategy.


Weeks 7-12:

  • By now, you should have a solid foundation in place and know what you’re building in your business. In our 1:1 calls, you’ll come to me with any obstacles that are coming up for you, and things you want to work on.
  • Work through the final modules on your own – covering topics that will help you integrate your business into your life in a sustainable way.
  • In our final session, we’ll go over what you’ve learned so far, and discuss next steps so you can keep the momentum going after our work together. We’ll also discuss options for continued support if you’re interested.

How this program is different:

1:1 personalized support

Many business coaching programs rely on group sessions and don’t include 1:1 coaching, so you get very limited time to ask questions related to your business. In my program, we go deep in our 1:1 sessions so you get exactly what you need to move forward.

Self-paced online program

In my online course, I walk you through building out your strategic foundations (marketing and business strategy) and give you all the templates you need to get started. You can do it on your own time and at your own pace. Use our 1:1 calls to move through any obstacles that come up.

Become the CEO of your business

My coaching style empowers you to make your own informed decisions. Someone can tell you what they think you should do based on their experience, but that won’t be useful once you stop working with them. As an ICF-certified coach, I make sure to stay neutral and ask you deep questions to help you come up with your own answers.

Aligned to your strengths

Instead of teaching you just one marketing strategy like some coaches out there, my approach helps you choose your own strategies that are aligned to your personality and strengths, so you actually want to do them consistently, because that’s what will bring you results. And I share marketing best practices so your content converts, no matter what strategy you choose!

Expert help

Coaching is still an unregulated industry, so anyone can self-proclaim to be a "coach" with zero training. I’ve completed 125+ hours of hands-on training to become a Whole Person Certified Coach®, and am ICF certified which is the highest level of certification you can currently get, requiring 100+ hours of coaching experience and testing. I also have 15+ years of marketing experience.

What others say about my coaching:

Frequently Asked Questions

Congrats, that’s great! But the fact that you’re reading this tells me that something is missing if you’re not having the success you want. So it makes sense to look at your foundations again to see what might be going wrong. My 1:1 coaching is completely customized to what’s coming up for you, so I can work with you even if you’re further along in your business. 

If you have tried everything, that tells me that you’re more ready than ever. It also tells me that those other things have not really gotten down to the root of what is holding you back, which is the focus of my work. Many other programs focus ONLY on strategy — but strategy without the confidence to actually go DO THE THINGS is nothing. And breaking down mindset barriers is a big part of my work.  


And if strategy is what you need, then you’re in the right place. I have 15+ years of corporate marketing experience that I combine with my coaching skills to guide my clients in choosing their most aligned strategies. I love co-creating your strategy with you: being your guide, helping you brainstorm ideas, and helping you make decisions in your business. Because ultimately, it’s your business and you should feel empowered to own your strategy. I’m here to help you find the answers already within you. 


Also, a lot of programs out there rely on group coaching or just video content. If you haven’t worked with someone one-on-one before, you missed out on getting customized support specifically for your issues. So it’s not surprising you haven’t seen great results. 

Coaching is a two-way relationship, so while I can’t offer you a guarantee that you will achieve the results you are looking for (because that depends on your participation and follow through), I can promise you that I will show up 100% to guide you through the process of getting from where you are now, to where you want to be.


And because you’re reading this page, that tells me this: You realize that something’s not working or you have already faced some obstacles in building your business, and are looking for more help. Which tells me that you’re most likely ready to put in the effort it takes to make big shifts in your business — which includes getting clearer on your strategy AND working on your overall mindset so that you can make your vision a reality.



If you put in the work, you should expect to feel a lot more clarity on the business you’re building, feel a sense of ownership and excitement around your strategy, and be well on your way to hitting your goals by the time we finish our coaching relationship. You should also feel more confident in your role as an entrepreneur and more resourceful in coming up with your own solutions so that you can work through any obstacles that come up while executing your vision.


Note: I don’t promise any specific financial results because it’s not ethical to do so as a coach. Also, it takes time to grow a business and my program isn’t about delivering overnight financial success, it’s about building the right strategic foundations so that you can be successful even after we stop working together. 

I was trained in Whole Person Coaching by the Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I am a Whole Person Certified Coach ® and have 125+ hours of hands-on coach training. I also hold an ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is the gold standard in coaching worldwide.


Whole Person Coaching is an advanced, holistic coaching method dedicated to helping clients create fulfillment by fostering balance, flow, vitality and harmony in all aspects of their life. It works with the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, recognizing and embracing the complexity and interconnectedness of all parts of their life.

Whole Person Coaching encourages clients to become self innovating so they can design, create and sustain the life they’ve always wanted to live, drawing on their own strengths, gifts and wisdom for success.


I also have 15+ years of corporate marketing experience which can be very helpful when guiding you through creating a marketing or business plan or helping you choose the right strategy for you. 

I got you – I can break it down into two payments, just let me know when you apply. 50% of the payment will be due upfront and 50% will be due one month later.

Payment for this program is made via PayPal in advance (unless we are doing two payments – see details above). Coaching sessions can be rescheduled 48 hrs. in advance of a session. We will sign a coaching agreement that has more details and outlines our relationship prior to beginning coaching. 



When you complete your 3-month package, you have the option of adding additional one-hour sessions which will be billed monthly, prior to the session start. 

Yes, I offer a one-hour session if you’d like to see if coaching is right for you. The fee for the session is $250 and is payable in advance. Please click here to learn more.   


If you’d like to just get a feel for my coaching style, you can listen to this live coaching session I did recently on my podcast.

Deciding to invest in yourself and go all-in on your business can be scary. But, feeling a little bit apprehensive is actually a good thing! It means that you care and you really want to make this work. It’s human nature to feel a bit scared when we take a leap of faith or when we do something outside of our comfort zone.



But that’s also where the magic happens because when you decide to invest time, energy, and money in yourself (and your business), that’s when you REALLY show up for yourself and you make big things happen!   



So, if you’re feeling drawn to working with a coach, I’m going to say that you’re most likely ready. If you still want to get some questions answered before you apply, just book a call with me. And know that I also want to make sure we’re a good fit, so it’s really just a conversation to see if it makes sense for us to move forward.

You will have access to the online course for one year after your purchase date. This gives you ample time to download what you need (templates, PDFs, etc.). I do this to make sure you actually go through the materials while you’re working with me so you get the best results from the program! 

Read my full privacy policy and terms of use here.

Please email me at Or you can schedule a 30-minute consult with me where I’ll answer any questions you have and help you decide whether or not it’s a good fit. 

Yes, I’m ready!

Wait! Can I ask you a question?

Of course, just send me an email here.