Are you looking to launch a purpose-driven business but you’re getting stuck bringing your concept to life?


You have this AMAZING idea, but you’re not yet clear on your vision or the business strategy you need to move forward and that keeps you feeling stuck. Or you’re running into issues around putting yourself out there confidently and in a way that inspires others to join you in your mission. Or maybe you’ve had some starts—and stops—and you want to break free from this pattern for good.

What would it feel like to...
  • Wake up every morning feeling super grateful for the business and life you’re creating 
  • Have the clarity and confidence to bring your ideas to the world, because you know exactly what you want to create and you’re starting to gain momentum as you make progress on your goals
  • Know that you’re working on exactly the right things to make your business grow and make a bigger impact on the world
Without being stopped by...


A few hours of focused effort will save you an incredible amount of time and energy  because you’ll have clarity around what you want to create and will know exactly how to get there.



Investing in your business in the beginning will help you focus and not waste money on unimportant things (shiny object syndrome, anyone?) leading to actual growth and the potential to create a thriving business that supports you fully.



As an early-stage entrepreneur, mindset issues are going to come up, but having access to a coach to walk you through them means you’ll grow and gain confidence instead of giving up on your dreams.

If this sounds like you, I have good news!

It's possible to:
  • Grow your business so that you can finally be your own boss AND make a difference in the world. 
  • Have that time and location freedom you’ve always dreamed of. So YOU decide when you work, and when you don’t.  Imagine this.. you’re sitting on a beach in Hawaii drinking fruity drinks or working from your laptop in a cute coffee shop in Seattle…The point is, you get to decide!
Wouldn't that feel amazing?

Wouldn't you feel more inspired and happy?
Wondering how? Let me introduce you to...


My 1:1 coaching program for early-stage entrepreneurs who want to launch or grow their business and make a bigger impact on the world.

LAUNCH WITH EASE was created to help you:

Get the clarity you need to grow your business and allow you to pursue work that aligns with your values, leading to more fulfillment and a feeling of purpose.


Gain the freedom to create your own schedule, work from anywhere and have the power to make your own decisions.


Feel more fulfilled because you’ll be doing something you love, getting paid well for it AND giving back at the same time.

So you can:

Communicate clearly with potential clients and business partners.


Actually work on your business instead of feeling stuck not sure what to do next.


Feel grounded and inspired, and present in your relationships because you have a clear path forward.


Watch your business grow because you’re doing the things that actually matter.



Some coaching programs sell you a cookie-cutter approach, but don’t address your actual needs. This program isn’t that. Each session, you come to me with with a topic you want to discuss so we can get to work creating solutions tailored for you.



We work on unpacking exactly what is stopping you from moving forward—is it clarity around a business strategy or marketing plan, or do you have other questions you need to answer?



As an early-stage entrepreneur, you’re going to face mindset issues. It’s a given. But having the support to work through this stuff (imposter syndrome, fear of failure, self-worth issues) will help you get to the other side.

Here's what you get:
  • 90 minute Discovery Session where we’ll get clarity on your goals and understand your values
  • 5 follow up one-hour sessions over a period of three months (topic of your choice) 
  • Email access to me as needed (if you need any support in between sessions).
  • Access to my self-paced mini-courses, GET UNSTUCK and MASTER YOUR MOTIVATION.

All sessions are done via Zoom or phone. 

Your investment: $1,000

I know that LAUNCH WITH EASE is going to change everything for you.
But don't just take my word for it!
Here’s some words of appreciation from past clients:

Agatha’s coaching has led to many powerful transformations in my life. Agatha helped me get so clear on what is most important and true for me and kept me moving forward to create what I want in my life. Agatha helps me see my own strengths and encourages me to challenge myself to keep growing. These nudges have accelerated and expanded my success. Agatha has helped me break through obstacles and develop incredibly effective strategies for achieving what I want. I feel supported, encouraged and best of all, confident! Thank you, Agatha, for the many ways your coaching has impacted my life. — BRANDEE

I love working with Agatha as my coach. She is methodical yet flexible, gives me empathy yet realness, lets me find my own solutions while giving me little nuggets of wisdom when I most need them. If you are looking to implement a major shift in your life, she will be a tremendous asset on your journey there. — JULIE

Are you ready to:

Get the clarity and confidence you need to move forward on your dream of 

owning a successful purpose-driven business? Let’s get started today!

Your investment: $1,000

Frequently Asked Questions:

I was trained in Whole Person Coaching methods, so I can coach on almost any topic.  That being said, these are the most common ones people come to me with:

– Clarifying your vision and initial business concept

– Help with brainstorming a marketing/business plan (to be clear: I will not create these for you, but I can help guide you to get more clarity on what you want to create)

– Building confidence as an entrepreneur (imposter syndrome, feeling comfortable being visible, fear of failure, understanding your new role)

– Working through obstacles that come up (real or perceived)

– Needing accountability and support while you implement your plan

– Understanding how to balance your time to prevent burnout

Coaching is a two-way relationship, so while I can’t offer you a guarantee that you will achieve the results you are looking for (because that also depends on your participation and follow through), I can promise you that I will show up 100% to guide you through the process of getting from where you are now, to where you want to be. 


And because you’re reading this page, that tells me this: You realize that something’s not working or have already faced some obstacles in building your business, and are looking for more help. Which tells me that you’re most likely ready to put in the effort it takes to make big shifts in your business — which includes getting clearer on your strategy AND also working on your overall mindset so that you can make your vision a reality.


If you put in the work, you should expect to feel a lot more clear on what you’re trying to achieve, feel a sense of ownership and excitement around your strategy, and be well on your way to hitting your goals by the time we finish our coaching relationship. You should also feel more confident in your role as an entrepreneur and more resourceful in coming up with your own solutions so that you can easily work through any obstacles that come while executing your vision.

I was trained in Whole Person Coaching by the Coach Training World in Portland, OR. I am a Whole Person Certified Coach ® and have 125+ hours of hands-on coach training.


Whole Person Coaching is an advanced, holistic coaching method dedicated to helping clients create fulfillment by fostering balance, flow, vitality and harmony in all aspects of their life. It works with the whole person mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, recognizing and embracing the complexity and interconnectedness of all parts of their life.

Whole Person Coaching encourages clients to become self innovating so they can design, create and sustain the life they’ve always wanted to live, drawing on their own strengths, gifts and wisdom for success.


I also hold a holistic health coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, so I understand how nutrition and lifestyle choices impact overall health and well-being.


Finally, I have fifteen years of corporate marketing experience which can be helpful when guiding you through creating a marketing or business plan.

Payment for coaching packages are made via PayPal in advance. Coaching sessions can be rescheduled 48 hrs. in advance of a session. We will sign a coaching agreement that has more details and outlines our relationship prior to beginning coaching. When you complete your package, you have the option of adding additional one-hour sessions which will be billed monthly, prior to the session start.

I realize that my packages are an investment — and congrats on being willing to invest in yourself and the growth of your business! While I typically ask for payment in full before coaching begins, if you need me to create a payment plan for you, just contact me and I can split it out into two payments for you ($500 each). 

Coaches don’t work in the past like therapists do — we focus on the present and the future to help clients reach their goals. Not to discount the work that psychologists do — they are very important in helping people work through trauma and other mental health issues. We may even refer our clients to therapists if we feel they’d be better served by this type of professional.

We also aren’t consultants — we don’t tell you what to do, instead we work with you to come up with solutions of your own. Consultants are results-driven, but they usually rely on their expertise in a particular area to give their best recommendations based on what you present to them. The difference is that coaches co-create solutions with you, based on your needs. We stay unbiased and guide you through a creative process to discover your own next steps. By doing so, you become more invested in the process and are more likely to succeed.