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The Intentional Solopreneur is the go-to podcast for ambitious women who want to launch service-based businesses. I share my best marketing and mindset tips to help you get both the clarity and confidence you need to succeed as a new business owner.


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social media strategy

Why “Posting on Social Media” Isn’t a Real Strategy

If you think posting three times a week on social media will get you clients, you’ll probably be upset when that doesn’t materialize. All the business coaches and influencers told you that you just have to show up, post, and stay consistent, and the results will come!

But here’s what they forgot to mention: Choosing a marketing channel isn’t the same as creating a strategy around it.

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content marketing

A Subtle Shift I’m Seeing in Content Marketing

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a subtle shift in the way people market their offers online. Successful business owners have gone from creating educational “how-to” content to more impactful perspective-shifting or belief-shifting content. Because giving your audience three tips to “X, Y or Z” just doesn’t cut it anymore. And it doesn’t position you as a thought leader, either.

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How to Get Better Results from Your Content

If you’re pouring your heart into creating content, but just hearing crickets, you might be missing this one thing. By making this one small shift in the way you create content, you’ll start to get more engagement, more inquiries and eventually, more clients. Tune in to this episode to hear what this shift is, and five tips to help you apply it to the content you’re already working on.

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how to get more sales in your business

How to Get More Sales in Your Business with Angela Henderson

I recently chatted with Angela Henderson, an international award-winning business coach who has helped thousands of women make more money in their businesses. We talked about her 3S framework for creating more profit in your business, the seven major mindset blocks that come up for entrepreneurs and she explained how to know if an activity is revenue-generating or not.

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stop second-guessing yourself

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

In this episode, I share five tips to help you make better decisions as a new entrepreneur so that you can feel good about the things you’re pursuing and stop second-guessing yourself all the time.

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