Agatha Brewer, Business Coach + Marketing Mentor for New Entrepreneurs
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  • 15+ years of corporate marketing experience (everywhere from small boutique agencies to running large programs for Fortune 500 companies)
  • ICF certified coach (ICF ACC)
  • Whole Person Certified Coach®

Agatha Brewer is the founder of Agatha Brewer Coaching where she works with new entrepreneurs to help them launch and grow businesses that give them freedom and flexibility while also making a bigger impact on the world. 


She combines 15+ years of digital marketing experience and her coach training (Whole Person Certified Coach®, ICF ACC) to help new business owners move their ideas out of their heads and into reality—getting them clarity around what they want to create, helping them set the right strategic foundations, and unraveling any mindset blocks that are standing in their way.

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Host of The Intentional Solopreneur podcast:

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Topics Agatha can discuss:
  • Creating an Intentional Marketing Strategy
  • How to Create Content that Converts
  • Why “Being in Action” is the Fastest Way to Get Clarity as a New Business Owner
  • Moving Through Fear as a New Business Owner
  • Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey