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Hey there!

I’m Agatha and I help new business owners like you get the clarity and confidence to grow your business in ways that are aligned with your unique talents and values — so you can build a business that inspires you, gives you flexibility to live the life you want, and also helps you make a bigger impact on the world.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You have a ton of ideas in your head, but you don’t always know how to bring them into reality.
  • Trying to figure out what strategy to follow sometimes feels like throwing darts at a wall and wondering which one will stick.
  • You keep taking one step forward, one step back because when you try something new, you keep doubting yourself, you fear failure or you’re worried what others will think of you instead of just moving forward confidently.
  • You’ve tried figuring it out on your own or maybe you’ve had some help from other coaches, but they want you to run your business their way… and that’s not aligned with what YOU want.

Here’s the thing…

It’s totally possible to build your business on your OWN terms, and still be super successful. You just need to get a bit of clarity on what you want to create and the confidence to go do it. And you happen to be in exactly the right place to do just that!

As a new business owner, I went through those same struggles. I didn’t know who I wanted to work with, and that stopped me from sharing my gifts. And listening to all the business coaches out there only confused me more because they were talking about strategies that didn’t make sense for me.


When I finally got more clarity on my niche, I was able to market myself better and grow my business. As a coach, my approach is to help guide you in finding your OWN way to a business that aligns with YOUR unique gifts and talents, because that’s how you’ll shine!

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