Helping new entrepreneurs get clear in their marketing so they can attract dream clients


You want to build a business that inspires you and helps others. 


But right now, you feel:

  • Scattered––you have a ton of ideas, but you don’t always know how to bring them into reality.
  • Overwhelmed thinking about marketing––there are so many options out there that it makes it difficult to pick one strategy and stay consistent. 
  • Uncertain––when you try something new, you doubt yourself, you fear failure or you’re worried what others will think of you instead of just moving forward confidently.
  • Unsupported––you’ve tried figuring it out on your own or maybe you’ve taken some courses, but you’re not getting to where you want to be and want more support.

Imagine instead that you:

  • Feel confident in the business you’re building because you’ve taken the time to establish your vision and the goals you are working towards.
  • Feel so aligned with your new marketing plan and are able to implement it consistently, building momentum over time.
  • Easily attract your dream clients because you’ve solidified your message and gained confidence by being in action.

Hey there! I’m Agatha.

I help new business owners like you get the clarity and confidence to build your business in ways that are aligned with your unique talents and values––so you can create a business that inspires you, gives you flexibility to live the life you want, and also helps you make a bigger impact on the world.


I combine 15+ years of corporate marketing experience and my coach training (Whole Person Certified Coach®, ICF ACC) to help move your ideas out of your head and into reality––getting you clarity around what you want to create, helping you set the right strategic foundation (marketing plan) and unraveling any mindset blocks that are standing in your way.

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Whole Person Certified Coach

Signature Coaching Program


LAUNCH WITH EASE is my 1:1 coaching program for new business owners looking to launch and grow their business. We work together to help you get clear on what you want to build, I guide you in creating your own custom marketing plan and I help you break down any mindset issues standing in your way. For all the program details, click below.

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